Welcome to another year of Nebo employee wellness. 

Here is the overview for this years Gimme 5 Monthly Challenges 

October: "Be a wise consumer"  

November: "Counting Sheep"

December: "Tis the Season to be Jolly" 

January: "Make it a Goal to Step it up"

February: "Keep the Beat"

March: "Nuts about Nutrition"

April: "Saving your Sanity" 

Overview of the Nebo Employee Wellness Program: 

  • Preventative Exam:  Most employees only have to complete it once every other year. Here is the form: Preventative Exam
  • Road to Wellness:  You need to complete the "Be a Wise Consumer" Qualtrics Course along with your preventative exam. Here is the link for the course: Be a Wise Consumer Qualtrics Course  
  • Gimme 5 Wellness prize: Wellness Day, $50 dollar gift card or FitWatch. 
  • Shoe Drawing Months: November, January & April 

Here is the detailed description:

  • Gimme 5 Wellness Prize—Wellness Day, fit watch, RTIC water bottle set or $50 gift card.  Available to those eligible for District Health insurance (.5 FTE or greater for certified or over .75 for classified.) Collect 5 wellness points.  Each month you report success is one point.  One of your points MUST be completing the Preventative Exam.  The Qualtrics course "Be a Wise Consumer" which is also Octobers challenge will give you a wellness point. 

  • Road to Wellness.  Only applies to employees enrolled on Nebo Health Insurance.  Be current or complete the Preventative Exam form and comple the "Be a Wise Consumer" Qualtrics course.  Those who complete both by February 1, 2018 will have no change to their pay.  Those who choose not to complete both will have $40 taken out for the next five months or until completion is verified.

  • Preventative Exam.  Complete your preventative exam according your doctor’s recommendations.  Complete the form and return it to the District Office.  This will complete a requirement for the “Road to Wellness” and the Gimme 5 Wellness Prize.  If you are an employee and do not qualify for the Gimme 5 Wellness Prize, you will receive a $35 gift card.  Spouse on District Insurance can earn the $35 gift card too. 

  • "Be a Wise Consumer" is the new course created for this year.  Since we are on a consumer driven health plan, let's make sure we are good consumers.  This educational piece will help you to choose cost effective care.  All the links from the course will be included on this website.