Gimme . . . A Good Night's Sleep

Welcome to another year of Nebo employee wellness. 

Here are some updates for 2016-17.

  • Our theme:   "Gimme . . . A Good Night's Sleep"  Our health risk assessment data says that sleep is an area we could improve.
  • Preventative Exam:  Most employees only have to complete it once every other year. 
  • Road to Wellness:  You can choose to complete the Wellright health risk assessment or the "Right Time, Right Place, Right Care" educational piece.
  • Gimme 5 Wellness prize: New for 2016-17:  A RTIC water bottle set.  Recieve four high quality water bottles!  RTIC are comparable to Yeti water bottles.  
  • Standard campaigns:  You can choose "My Right Care".  
  • Tax on the give aways:  The IRS now tells us we have to treat shoe coupons, fit watches and waterbottles as earned income. (We have already been taxing gift cards).   We will put a $ credit on your pay and then put a deduction of the same amount on your pay.  
  • Shoe coupon changes:  You now get 25% off shoes at MVP or Endurance Athletics.  The then coupon is worth $65.  If you get merchandise, you can get 5% off and then $65 credit.  

Here is the simplified description

For this year's standard campaigns see:  My Right Care

Here is the detailed description:

  • Gimme 5 Wellness Prize—Wellness Day, fit watch, RTIC water bottle set or $50 gift card.  Available to those eligible for District Health insurance (.5 FTE or greater for certified or over .75 for classified.) Collect 5 wellness points.  Each month you report success is one point.  One of your points MUST be completing the Preventative Exam.  You can also count completing your health risk assessment or completion of "Right Time, Right Place, Right Care" for one wellness point.

  • Road to Wellness.  Only applies to employees enrolled on Nebo Health Insurance.  Be current or complete the Preventative Exam form and do either the WellRight health risk assessment or complete the "Right Time, Right Place, Right Care" educational piece.  Those who complete both by February 1, 2017 will have no change to their pay.  Those who choose not to complete both will have $40 taken out for the next five months or until completion is verified. 

  • There will be three featured campaigns in October, January and April.  There will be two months of focusing on sleeping better and one month that will be a location choice.  If a location has at least 10 people report success, the location will earn a shoe drawing coupon to MVP Sports or Endurance Athletics. Report completion on the Nebo Wellness Website

  • Each month from September to April, employees may complete "My Right Care" to report success. Develop your own "right care" based on actual risk factors or potential risk factors.   See the full description here:  My Right Care

  •  "My Right Care" is now the "Standard Campaign".   No shoe coupon will be awarded in September, November, December, February and March. Those doing the four month care plan my report success in October, January and April to qualify for the shoe drawings.  

  • Preventative Exam.  Complete your preventative exam according your doctor’s recommendations.  Complete the form and return it to the District Office.  This will complete a requirement for the “Road to Wellness” and the Gimme 5 Wellness Prize.  If you are an employee and do not qualify for the Gimme 5 Wellness Prize, you will receive a $35 gift card.  Spouse on District Insurance can earn the $35 gift card too.

  • The personal health risk assessment by WellRight. Log in with your district email and be sure to click on the "Health Risk Assessment" tab.  Look at your "Age Gage" and results after you complete this.  New employees on Nebo District Insurance will need to wait until mid September to complete this.  

  • "Right Time, Right Place, Right Care".  Since we are on a consumer driven health plan, let's make sure we are good consumers.  This educational piece will help you to choose cost effective care.  The media resource will be on the Wellness Webstite by Sept. 1.