My Share is the name of our employee wellness program partnered with Select Health.  We were fortunate enough to receive a bid from Select Health for essentially no increase in health insurance costs for three year (almost unheard of since insurance inflation is at 10% per year).  We will participate on the Select Health Share insurance.  The Share Plan has some requirements that enrollees need to accomplish.  Nebo's Contract with Select Health says that we will have certain percent of our enrollees complete the requirements.  

To keep our cost low we need everyone to do their "Share". Participation is voluntary.  Those who participate will earn the wellness prize.  Those who do not participate will be subject to a $200 payroll deduction.  

What is expected:  Please refer to SelectHealth's detailed version.  

1) Attend a screening event at a workplace event or with your doctor.  Schedule an appointment online 


October 21 Barnett Elementary

October 22 Park Elementary

October 23 Advanced Learning Center

October 24 Cherry Creek Elementary

Handouts for screening:  Live Happy, Prediabetes Risk, HL Questionnaire

It is quite a simple screening.  They do not even check your blood.  If you do not attend the screening and want to visit your own doctor, Selecthealth will verify your visit through the billing codes.  The visit must be coded as a preventative exam.  Traditionally there is no paper work.  But if you are going to doctor from February 1 to June 1, complete the preventative exam form and return it to the District Office.  This will give you immediate credit for the preventative exam and will help to fulfil that requirement to avoid the $200 penalty.  


2) Create a My Health Account.  After you receive your insurance card towards the end of August,  create your My Health Account. For help setting up the account or any other Select Health questions call 800-442-5502.  If you have every had an My Health Account previously, access that account (call the number for assistance).

3) Select Primary care physician.  Log in to your My Health account. Click on “SelectHealth.” Scroll down and click on “SELECT NEW PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER” on the right side of the dashboard, then search for a provider using the “Find Doctors & Other Healthcare Providers” tool. Designate your new in-network provider by clicking on “Select as My Primary Care Provider” next to the provider of your choice.

4) Complete health assessment. To access the Health Assessment, select Healthy Living from the My Health Dashboard. Select Health Assessment.  Take your Health Assessment.

5) Take one or more digital coaching programs. Healthy Living offers 11 scientifically proven programs that emulate a live coaching session. Programs are personal, private, convenient, and designed to guide you through a variety of topics important to your personal health.  From Healthy Living, Access Digital Coaching.  Choose one or more of the 11 programs within your Digital Coaching dashboard.

6) Create Healthy Living Virgin Pulse account.  You can access the account from the web or the Virgin Pulse App (which is the recommended and easiest portal).  If you have any questions, please contact us at

7) Participate in two or more online activity campaigns

You have three options to choose from for completing activity challenges. (See A, B, & C below). You must complete at least two Company Team Challenges, OR complete two months of 7,000 Steps or more in 20 days, OR complete 8 Healthy Habit Challenges. Any combination of A, B, or C will meet the requirement.

A. Company Team Challenges. These 4-week virtual challenges allow participants to join a team and compete against others in achieving a collective goal. Participants are encouraged to form small teams, typically from 1 to 10 individuals. Participants track their steps, or step equivalents during the duration of the challenge. Participants can use a wearable device, (e.g., Fitbit) an app, or website to track their activity. As a team accumulates steps, they take a virtual journey and unlock destinations that include a map, leaderboard, and online support.

2019  Company team challenge calendar

B. 7,000 Steps. 20 days of 7,000 steps must be completed in a month. (Note: If you have a medical condition or injury limiting mobility, you could choose a Company Team Challenge with no steps requirement or a Healthy Habit Challenge.)

C. Healthy Habit Challenges. These 1-week challenges are offered 12 times throughout the year. Twelve different (one per month) week-long challenges in which participants challenge themselves to create a new habit and track daily activities in nine wellness areas. These include getting active, eating healthy, reducing stress, building relationships, managing finances, etc. You must report the desired activity at least 5 days out of 7 on the Virgin Pulse website or app. Completing 4 Healthy Habit Challenges equals one Activity Challenge.  

Warning:  It is impossible to do just "Healthy Habit Challenges" and be compliant to avoid the $200 penalty.  It takes 8 months of these challenges to equal the two activity points, which be after March 1.  The "Create a challenge" does not score activity points.  

All reporting will be on Virgin Pulse webpage or app.

8) Participate in the Nebo HSA match program.  You must contribute enough money for a full match.

Not tracked but please complete if applicable

  • Complete your Preventative Care if invited by Select Health.  You do not need to complete the Nebo Preventative Exam form.  
  • Participate in Care Management if  you have the conditions of asthma, diabetes, COPD or heart failure


One page description for those enrolled in district health insurance

One page description for those NOT enrolled on district health insurance (including dual dependent spouses)

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