Nebo School District Wellness wants to create a series of motivational posters-- featuring your photo!  These posters will be placed on the Nebo Wellness bulletin board.  The theme is “Healthy in Nebo School District”.  Show various locations, activities or even food that one can find in the boundaries of Nebo School District that depicts a healthy lifestyle or activity. 

What to consider:

Show someone exercising in a location that someone would want to visit after seeing the poster.  Show off the beauty of our great places in Nebo.  You might feature an exercise that is unique.   Or you could feature a common exercise from a unique perspective.  The image does not have to showcase a Nebo location, just something that does happen in Nebo.  Featuring a seasons will be a positive. 


  • The image should be high in artistic quality, not just a snapshot.  The image should be interesting to the viewer. 
  • If the image features a person or people, please make sure the focus and attire and of the subjects do not distract and will be appropriate for all audiences.
  • The photos will be printed to 12x18 at 300 dpi.  The photo should have a high enough resolution to enlarge to this size.  Further, we may choose to zoom in or crop the image (the higher the resolution the better).
  • By submitting the image, you will give Nebo School District full permission to modify, publish, or print the image.  You will need to have received consent from any identifiable subject featured in the image to post of the web or publish on a poster.
  • We will give credit to the photographer who submits the image. Any patron, employee or student of Nebo School District is eligible.  The image must be the property of who submits.
  • The contest will be ongoing, since a new image will be used each month of the school year. Four images will be chosen for the 2013-14 school year starting January 10th. February will be the first month to feature our Nebo image.  8 images will be chosen for the 2014-15 school year.  
  • If your image is used for the poster, you will be given a $20 gift card.  If your image is used on the web site, no prize will be given. 

To submit an image:  Go  Click on the “Feature YOUR Photos” tab just below the featured image.  On the “Submit YOUR Picture” page, on the “Picture Title” Line, start with the word “Wellness:” Then you can complete rest of the page as you would normally.  Be sure to write a description about the location or activity in the “About the Picture” section.  If you have an image with higher resolution than what you can upload, then upload a lower quality one but mention “high resolution image available on request” in the “About the Picture” section.

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