The ChallengeComplete the Qualtrics Course "Be a Wise Consumer". 

Here is the link: Be a Wise Consumer Qualtrics Course

The October challenge is a little different from the previous years. Our focus this month is on the Qualtrics Course "Be a Wise Consumer". We are going to include all the links from the Qualtircs course on this page. That way you can access it all later, if you need to.

**If you are not on district insurance but are eligible for it and want to participate we highly suggest you take the Qualtrics course and complete the preventative exam. The course has some questions that are designed specifically for those on district insurance. You will still get credit for just completing the course regardless of your answer (for those not on district insurance but who are eligible for district insurance).

Why being a Wise Consumer is Important:

Being a Wise Consumer is a lot easier than people think. Regardless of your insurance plan there are things you can do to lower your health care costs.

Here are a few ideas:

-Preventative Care: By having a Prevenative exam you can eliminate many future costs/ problems. 

 -RX: Ask your doctor if there is a generic prescription.

-Teladoc, or other over the phone doctor visits: Did you know you can talk to a physican over the phone and it costs under $50 dollars?

This course will teach you how to "Be a Wise Consumer" and provide you with the necessary resrouces to do so. We hope the rest of October treats you well! Please let your Wellness Specialist Rep know if you have any questions. Thank you! 

 Your success will be reported by Completing the Qualtrics Course: Be a Wise Consumer Qualtrics Course


List of important links from the Course/Challenge: 

Preventative Care

 We are now in the fourth year of Nebo's Road to Wellness.  91% of our employees on district insurance have received their preventative exams. The preventative exam can help you avoid major hospital cost in future years. 

 All District employees on insurance are required to have a annual preventative exam. These must be done prior to February 1st to avoid an additional charge for your insurance. If you have a spouse on District insurance, encourage them to complete the preventative exam.  Nebo will even give them a $35 gift card if they complete the Preventative Exam form.


Create an account with Aetna (if on district insurance) 

 A good health care consumer will have an account with their insurance provider. Go to:

Use your membership card number or social security number to create an account. 

Make sure you download the Aetna mobile app. 

Watch this video for an quick overview of how to create your account.
If you are not on district insurance consider creating an online account with your own insurance company. 

 Lower cost telamedicine choices: "Teledoc"

Here is the webiste for Teladoc:

Here is the flyer for Teladoc:

 RX Pharmacy 

 Preventative list 

Mental Health

 Nebo School District provides an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) that is free for all employees and their families. This is a prepaid mental health service. It is contracted with Blomquist Hale.

Phone: 801-225-9222

Blomquist Hale web site: