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There are no sign-up for the wellness program.  All employees are automatically enrolled in the program.

Gimme “Melatonin . . My Friend”--April 2017

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Report success from April 25-May 5th.

The Challenge:  Embrace two new sleep friendly habits to aid natural production of melatonin.

What is Melatonin?  It is the ZZZZZ hormone.  It’s made by the pineal gland in the brain, and is greatly influenced by light. Typically, your melatonin level start to rise in the mid-to-late evening, after the sun has set. It stays elevated for most of the night while you’re in the dark. Then, it drops in the early morning as the sun rises, causing you to awaken.  The pioneers had it right where they got up when the sun came up and went to bed when the sun went down.  

What can I do to get a good night sleep?    

-          Get enough daylight by actually going outside.

-          Exercise!! Exercising in the mornings improves blood pressure and sleep quality.

-          Go to bed early enough so you get enough sleep.  Staying up late can alter the production of melatonin, making you drowsy during the day and more alert later in the evening. Keep a consistent bed time.

-          Deal with stress.  Find good stress coping means such as yoga, exercise, meditation, or journaling. 

-          Don’t count sheep—it keeps the mind active.

-          Bananas are your friend & any other foods that are rich in magnesium.

-          Find a temperature that makes you want to hibernate. The cold makes us drowsy, and falling core body helps drift off faster.

-          It’s worth spending on your sleep, buy a good mattress, pillows and sheets.

-          Make your bed!! People who make their bed are 19% more likely to have a better nights rest.*according to the National Sleep Foundation.

-          Limit clutter – an organized room leaves an organized mind. Make sure your space is tidy and welcoming.

-          Wash your pillow every six months and replace it every two years.

-          Kick pets and kids out of your bed.  Only use your bed for sleep (and intimacy).

-          Turn on a fan – Research shows the benefits of pink noise, blended sounds with consistent frequency.

-          Go dark, invest in a good set of window shades or even blackout curtains

-          Get a wiff of Lavender – It has been known to have a sedative properties, decreasing heart rate and blood pressure.

-          Turn off screens 30 minutes before bed.

-          Trade in your mobile device for an alarm clock: Almost 80% of people who seek medical attention for difficulty sleeping keep phones in bed with them. 

-          Skip caffeinated beverages within 6-8 hours of bedtime.

-          Avoid eating big meals before bedtime.

-          Stay hydrated and drink your last glass one hour before bedtime.

-          Be reassured that this is a common issue, and like always, if you have concerns please seek medical attention.

Report success by May 5th at:


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Road to Wellness--For employees opting for District Health Insurance

The “Road to Wellness” program is intended to positively impact the health of District employees.  Employees opting for District health insurance should complete the following two items:


  • Complete the District-sponsored on-line personal health assessment. To complete:  Go to the link:  Be sure to use your Nebo email for all login credentials.  
  • Complete the "Right Time, Right Place, Right Care" online educational piece.  As subscribers to a consumer driven health plan, do we know the most cost effective care?  Do we know the right time to get care?  Do we know the right place to get care?  Do we know the right care?  To login, use your firstname.lastname and then use the same password you use for email.

Employees who complete the two items by February 1, 2017 will see no change to their pay.  Employees who choose not to participate will be assessed a “non-participation payroll deduction” of $40 per month from February to June or until participation is verified.  Any funds that are generated through “non-participation payroll deductions” will go directly to the Wellness Plan Fund and be used to promote employee wellness.


Gimme 5 Wellness Plan 2016-17

Gimme . . . A Good Night's Sleep

Welcome to another year of Nebo employee wellness. 

Here are some updates for 2016-17.

  • Our theme:   "Gimme . . . A Good Night's Sleep"  Our health risk assessment data says that sleep is an area we could improve.
  • Preventative Exam:  Most employees only have to complete it once every other year. 
  • Road to Wellness:  You can choose to complete the Wellright health risk assessment or the "Right Time, Right Place, Right Care" educational piece.
  • Gimme 5 Wellness prize: New for 2016-17:  A RTIC water bottle set.  Recieve four high quality water bottles!  RTIC are comparable to Yeti water bottles.  
  • Standard campaigns:  You can choose "My Right Care".  
  • Tax on the give aways:  The IRS now tells us we have to treat shoe coupons, fit watches and waterbottles as earned income. (We have already been taxing gift cards).   We will put a $ credit on your pay and then put a deduction of the same amount on your pay.  
  • Shoe coupon changes:  You now get 25% off shoes at MVP or Endurance Athletics.  The then coupon is worth $65.  If you get merchandise, you can get 5% off and then $65 credit.  

Here is the simplified description

For this year's standard campaigns see:  My Right Care

Preventative Exam

Important announcement on Preventative Exam:  In most situations, the employee will only have to complete a Preventative Exam every other year.  If the "return date" (filled in by the doctor--or one year) is after June 1, the employee will be given credit for the next school year.  If you complete your exam yearly, complete the form each year.  

Preventative Exam form

All employees are offered an incentive for completing a Preventative Exam.  There are five requirements to complete or be current (up to date) on the following:

  1. Complete a physical examination from a physician based on age, gender and risk factors.
  2. Complete physician recommended preventative cancer screenings based on age, gender, and genetic risk factors. i.e. mammogram, pap smear, colonoscopy, etc.
  3. Complete a blood chemistry panel within the last 5 years.  More frequent if physician recommends based on risk factors.   Screened items are:  Glucose levels, LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and triglycerides.  Patient should receive this information.  
  4. Discuss immunization status.
  5. Discuss recommendations to address present risk factors.  These recommendations should include any prudent professional interventions (i.e. prescriptions) and lifestyle changes (activity and dietary changes).    

Return the signed Employer’s copy of the Preventative Exam form the "Wellness Office" or John Allan at the District Office via IMC, mail or hand delivery.  Copies, images and facsimiles are accepted.   Email:  Fax: 801-342-8023. 

Incentives for completion:

Employees enrolled on Nebo Health insurance:  Completes the Preventative Exam requirement for both the Road to Wellness (avoid $200 pay deduction) and for the Gimme 5 Wellness Prize ($50 gift card, Fit watch, RTIC water bottle set or Wellness Day).   Remember to take the personal health assessment to complete the Road to Wellness

Employee eligible for Nebo District insurance but not enrolled:  Completes the Preventative Exam requirement for Gimme 5 Wellness Prize ($50 gift card, Fit watch, RTIC water bottle set or Wellness Day).

Employees not eligible for Nebo health insurance:  Complete this form and return to the Wellness Office at the District Office to receive a $35 gift card. To qualify:  Must work at least 2 hours a day.  Retirees, employees under 18, seasonal and substitutes not eligible.

Spouses on District Health Insurance:  Complete this form and return to the Wellness Office at the District Office to receive a $35 gift card.  All other spouses are NOT eligible for the $35 gift card. 


Nebo Wellness Photo Contest

Nebo School District Wellness wants to create a series of motivational posters-- featuring your photo!  These posters will be placed on the Nebo Wellness bulletin board.  The theme is “Healthy in Nebo School District”.  Show various locations, activities or even food that one can find in the boundaries of Nebo School District that depicts a healthy lifestyle or activity. 

Healthy Rewards and Celebrations for students

This generation of students faces extraordinary health issues related to diet and exercise. Healthy students are better learners. The Nebo School District Student Wellness Policy asks that the food and beverages be more nutritious and feature healthy choices.