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November 2017: Counting Sheep

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November's Qualtrics Quiz "Counting Sheep" Available Nov. 16

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November’s Challenge: Counting Sheep

Challenge Overview: 

For three weeks in November there will be a weekly e-mail sent out by your wellness rep with educational material regarding that months challenge. Read the material and try out some of the suggestions. 

On the fourth week an e-mail with a link for a short quiz will be sent out via your wellness rep. Pass the quiz and you receive credit for November! 

Cozy season has arrived! Take advantage of the longer nights and shorter days by catching up on your z’s. Sleep is crucial to physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  This month, focus on the quality and quantity of sleep that you are getting and reap the benefits!

Here is the information for WEEK 3! 

S L E E P  V S.  S I E S T A

We rely on sleep to get through our day, but if we don’t get enough sleep at night will a nap sabotage or save us? Learn how to become an expert on siestas vs. sleeping with these quick tips:

Benefits of Sleep

Reduced fatigue and inflammation Sharper memory

Aids in fighting chronic disease


One sleep cycle takes 90 minutes

You should get 4-5 sleep cycles per night or 7-9 hours sleep if you are an adult

Good Night’s Sleep Tips

Stick to a consistent bedtime Sleep in a cool, dark, quiet environment

Exercise 30-60 minutes a day for improved quality of sleep

Benefits of Siesta

Enhanced alertness Improved mood Boosts creativity


Optimum length: 20-30 minutes

Short siestas give the maximum nap benefits and avoid grogginess

Seamless Siesta Tip

Nap with your body inclined to avoid falling into a deep sleep


Here is the information for WEEK 2!! 

Week 2 Flyer 

Sleep Simplified

What is “sleep hygiene”? We hear a lot of talk about “sleep hygiene”, but what exactly does this mean? Sleep hygiene is defined as habits and practices that are conducive to sleeping well on a regular basis. Follow these helpful tips to simplify your sleep!

 Plan Ahead

 Set an alarm twenty minutes before you plan on going to sleep. This will help you to get to bed at a reasonable and consistent time. Your body will thank you!

 Digital Detox

 Using electronics can delay the release of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. The evening provides the opportunity to break free from technology and create time for a “digital detox.” Your sleep is priority, so put the phone down and walk away.

 Come to the Dark Side

Make sure to dim your lights before you go to sleep. Perceived darkness sends a message to your pineal gland, which releases melatonin. Do yourself a favor and cross over to the dark side.

 Empower Yourself and Take Charge!

 It is a given that cell phones and laptops need to be recharged, but what about your body? Practice self-care, and rejuvenate both your body and your electronics at the same time! Unplug yourself from the high-tech world by plugging your devices into a room where your bed isn’t and doze off into dreamland!


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Here is the information for Week 1! 

Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Food

If you’re like many, you have a difficult time getting the seven or eight hours of sleep that you need to be functional throughout the day. Yet, some of your favorites in the kitchen may be just the ticket to send you snoozing. 

Approximately 90 minutes before you want to fall asleep, make yourself a snack of roughly 200 calories from the items listed below. These sleep-inducing foods will help your muscles relax, quiet your mind and produce sleep-inducing hormones (serotonin and melatonin) to get you right off to bed.

Bananas. These power fruits contain serotonin and melatonin, and the muscle relaxant magnesium.

Warm milk. This beverage contains tryptophan, which is sedating and calcium to help your brain use the tryptophan. Warm milk also has a calming effect and is comforting to drink.

Honey. The small amount of glucose in honey communicates with your brain to turn off orexin, a neurotransmitter that contributes to alertness. Place a spoonful in a bowl of oatmeal to head off to bed quickly.

Potatoes. A spud in the evening will clear away the amino acids in your body that can interfere with the powers of tryptophan. 

Oatmeal. Oats contain melatonin, which is great for inducing sleep. 

Almonds. These nuts contain a healthy dose of tryptophan and magnesium.

Flaxseeds. These seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which will brighten your mood if sadness or anxiety is keeping you from getting to sleep.

Whole-wheat bread. Whole-wheat contains insulin, which assists tryptophan in making its way to your brain. Once there, it is converted to serotonin to send you to sleep in no time.

Turkey. This meat is the best-known food source of tryptophan. If you eat a slice of turkey on whole-wheat bread, you will be off to sleep because tryptophan works best on a fairly empty stomach with a small amount of carbohydrates.

Besides grabbing one of these snacks, getting to sleep may be easier when your body is on a schedule.

From the Dietitian's Desk: COUNTING SHEEP 

On average, adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night and children need up to 11 hours depending on their specific age. What happens if you chronically do not get enough sleep? Inadequate sleep is tied to increased risk of type 2 diabetes, poorer food choices, and decreased productivity, just to name a few. Nutrition can impact sleep and reduce the negative effects of not getting enough sleep. 

It is a myth that you should not eat after 7PM (or other randomly chosen time). If your body is truly hungry, satisfy its needs with a nutritious snack that could also help you sleep. 

Questions to ask yourself before eating:

•             Am I angry, sad, happy?

•             Am I bored or anxious?

•             Am I just thirsty?

Incorporating a snack with carbohydrates and fat can help you achieve a good night’s rest! This combination can stabilize your blood sugar and help boost your metabolism. 

Example combinations:

•             Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts

•             Air-popped popcorn

•             Apple with peanut butter

•             Cheese and crackers

Establishing a nightly routine can also help you achieve a more restful sleep.

For Example:

•             Stretching for 5 minutes

•             Packing your lunch

•             Laying out your clothes for the next day

Week 1 Flyer: 

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Gimme “Be a Wise Consumer" October 2017

The ChallengeComplete the Qualtrics Course "Be a Wise Consumer". 

Here is the link: Be a Wise Consumer Qualtrics Course

The October challenge is a little different from the previous years. Our focus this month is on the Qualtrics Course "Be a Wise Consumer". We are going to include all the links from the Qualtircs course on this page. That way you can access it all later, if you need to.

**If you are not on district insurance but are eligible for it and want to participate we highly suggest you take the Qualtrics course and complete the preventative exam. The course has some questions that are designed specifically for those on district insurance. You will still get credit for just completing the course regardless of your answer (for those not on district insurance but who are eligible for district insurance).

Why being a Wise Consumer is Important:

Being a Wise Consumer is a lot easier than people think. Regardless of your insurance plan there are things you can do to lower your health care costs.

Here are a few ideas:

-Preventative Care: By having a Prevenative exam you can eliminate many future costs/ problems. 

 -RX: Ask your doctor if there is a generic prescription.

-Teladoc, or other over the phone doctor visits: Did you know you can talk to a physican over the phone and it costs under $50 dollars?

This course will teach you how to "Be a Wise Consumer" and provide you with the necessary resrouces to do so. We hope the rest of October treats you well! Please let your Wellness Specialist Rep know if you have any questions. Thank you! 

 Your success will be reported by Completing the Qualtrics Course: Be a Wise Consumer Qualtrics Course


Gimme 5 Wellness Plan 2017-2018


Welcome to another year of Nebo employee wellness. 

Here is the overview for this years Gimme 5 Monthly Challenges 

October: "Be a wise consumer"  

November: "Counting Sheep"

December: "Tis the Season to be Jolly" 

January: "Make it a Goal to Step it up"

February: "Keep the Beat"

March: "Nuts about Nutrition"

April: "Saving your Sanity" 

Overview of the Nebo Employee Wellness Program: 

  • Preventative Exam:  Most employees only have to complete it once every other year. Here is the form: Preventative Exam
  • Road to Wellness:  You need to complete the "Be a Wise Consumer" Qualtrics Course along with your preventative exam. Here is the link for the course: Be a Wise Consumer Qualtrics Course  
  • Gimme 5 Wellness prize: Wellness Day, $50 dollar gift card or FitWatch. 
  • Shoe Drawing Months: November, January & April 

Road to Wellness--For employees opting for District Health Insurance

The “Road to Wellness” program is intended to positively impact the health of District employees.  Employees opting for District health insurance should complete the following two items:

  • Complete the "Be a wise consumer" online educational piece.  As subscribers to a consumer driven health plan, do we know the most cost effective care?  Do we know the right time to get care?  Do we know the right place to get care?  Do we know the right care?  Go to: Be a Wise Consumer Qualtrics Course.  Use your Nebo Email to start the course.

Employees who complete the two items by February 1, 2018 will see no change to their pay.  Employees who choose not to participate will be assessed a “non-participation payroll deduction” of $40 per month from February to June or until participation is verified.  Any funds that are generated through “non-participation payroll deductions” will go directly to the Wellness Plan Fund and be used to promote employee wellness.


Preventative Exam

Important announcement on Preventative Exam:  In most situations, the employee will only have to complete a Preventative Exam every other year.  If the "return date" (filled in by the doctor--or one year) is after June 1, the employee will be given credit for the next school year.  If you complete your exam yearly, complete the form each year.  

Preventative Exam form

All employees are offered an incentive for completing a Preventative Exam.  There are five requirements to complete or be current (up to date) on the following:

  1. Complete a physical examination from a physician based on age, gender and risk factors.
  2. Complete physician recommended preventative cancer screenings based on age, gender, and genetic risk factors. i.e. mammogram, pap smear, colonoscopy, etc.
  3. Complete a blood chemistry panel within the last 5 years.  More frequent if physician recommends based on risk factors.   Screened items are:  Glucose levels, LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and triglycerides.  Patient should receive this information.  
  4. Discuss immunization status.
  5. Discuss recommendations to address present risk factors.  These recommendations should include any prudent professional interventions (i.e. prescriptions) and lifestyle changes (activity and dietary changes).    

Return the signed Employer’s copy of the Preventative Exam form the "Wellness Office" or John Allan at the District Office via IMC, mail or hand delivery.  Copies, images and facsimiles are accepted.   Email:  Fax: 801-342-8023. 

Incentives for completion:

Employees enrolled on Nebo Health insurance:  Completes the Preventative Exam requirement for both the Road to Wellness (avoid $200 pay deduction) and for the Gimme 5 Wellness Prize ($50 gift card, Fit watch, RTIC water bottle set or Wellness Day).   Remember to take the personal health assessment to complete the Road to Wellness

Employee eligible for Nebo District insurance but not enrolled:  Completes the Preventative Exam requirement for Gimme 5 Wellness Prize ($50 gift card, Fit watch, RTIC water bottle set or Wellness Day).

Employees not eligible for Nebo health insurance:  Complete this form and return to the Wellness Office at the District Office to receive a $35 gift card. To qualify:  Must work at least 2 hours a day.  Retirees, employees under 18, seasonal and substitutes not eligible.

Spouses on District Health Insurance:  Complete this form and return to the Wellness Office at the District Office to receive a $35 gift card.  All other spouses are NOT eligible for the $35 gift card.